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Who's Talking About Us?

"Concordia Place is a wonderful example of how public and private partnerships can work together to benefit our City. This project furthers Chicago's commitment to support the growing needs of communities, like Avondale, where development of child care facilities is needed."
–Former Mayor Richard M. Daley

“Through Concordia Avondale’s unique and innovative programming, we are able to continue building Chicago’s reputation for quality early childhood systems, one that is continually meeting the needs of our children, families, and communities in an ever changing world,”
–Mary Ellen Caron, CEO After School Matters

"This center will serve as a place where people of all ages can come together, regardless of race, age, country of origin, or income. It will be a place where young children and students and seniors can coalesce, where they can go to realize the comforts of community and where they can learn and grow from each other."
–US Representative Luis Gutierrez


“Concordia Place has transformed Avondale by all of its opportunities and programs. But specifically, it has transformed teens into having knowledge of nutrition, being responsible and respectful and knowing the importance of the environment. Today, there are 50 teens in the program and they're all working to benefit the community. I love what we do in the program.” 

–Belany Contreras, Student, Columbia Links Academy, Columbia College Chicago, and Lincoln Park High School, Chicago Tribune


“The foundation of our society is firmly rooted in the education of our children. Concordia Place has set the bar for the rest of Chicago in their effective and proactive approach to early childhood education.” 
–John Buck, Board Chair and Founder, The John Buck Company

“By making quality childcare accessible to me, it allowed me to work more hours, move up at my job, and provide for my family. The narrative many people in my position have been told and accepted is that if you can't afford it, you don't deserve quality anything; you have to take what you can get. Concordia Place went against all of that. My family's story is a lot different now, it's a lot happier, and Concordia Place plays an active role in that story.”
–Parent of Concordia Place child

“So Concordia offered me a lifesaving service. When I was getting "No" from so many other places, Concordia was offering me "Yes." That is what someone needs to hear in a time of uncertainty.” 
–Father of Early Learning Child


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