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Sharing your gifts with Concordia Place is the most effective gift you can give for many reasons:


  • We strengthen the community. By fostering individual growth and opportunity for all. Our Early Childhood and Preschool programs are NAEYC accredited and receive the Illinois ExceleRate Gold Circle of Quality rating; 100% of the teens we serve graduate from high school; the adults we serve become more engaged in our society through ESL classes; and the seniors we serve stay connected, active, and independent.

  • We serve everyone in the community. The result is a rich multifaceted diversity of families from varied economic levels, ethnicity, and faith traditions.

  • We are a Place for All. With our sliding scale tuition model, we not only serve very low income households, but those caught in the middle – those that don’t qualify for public support and yet don’t make enough to afford private pay options.

  • We teach the future. Almost 90% of the children we serve meet or exceed developmental milestones before they transition to kindergarten.

  • We mentor tomorrow’s business and civic leaders. We are providing teens 21st century skills through our social enterprise program, Ruckus Entrepreneurs. Teens have hands-on experiential learning through launching, managing, and sustaining a successful business in today’s economy.

  • We are proactive. While many organizations are reactive to the needs of their community, we have proactive solutions to the systemic problems that affect the community.

  • We create jobs. We provide 76 paid internships each year, helping to lower the high rate of teen unemployment in the state of Illinois.

  • We are a sound investment. For every dollar invested in early education, there is an approximate $7 return. Each year we serve more than 350 children through our Early Childhood programs, setting them up for success in school.

  • We serve more, with less. We serve 70% low-come families, yet only 33% of our funding comes from public sources.

  • We invest in ourself. By leveraging our over 30 years of early childhood experience, we will create a steady source of revenue to lessen our dependence on public sector funding.